Cupping (Hijama) for ASTHMA

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To understand asthma, you need to understand a little about what happens when you breathe. Normally, with every breath you take, air goes through your nose and down into your throat, eventually making it to your lungs. There are lots of small air passages in your lungs that help deliver oxygen from the air into your bloodstream. 

Asthma Symptoms occur when the lining of these air passages swell and the muscles around them tighten. The mucus then fills the airways, further reducing the amount of air that can pass through. These conditions then bring on asthma “attacks,” the coughing and tightness in your chest that is typical of asthma.

Yes, Cupping (Hijama) can treat this problem.

For most people cupping therapy is a really great experience. There are countless health benefits for cupping. Also, it can be a very relaxing and relieving experience.

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