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There is a total of 9 points of the body where prophet Muhammad ﷺ were performed Cupping (Hijama). These are the sunnah points of Cupping (Hijama).

In gazawah khybre while our beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ was poisoned, he took hijama at 3 points on the kahil, we feel that a cup was applied behind the heart ( at the left of kahil), & the third was either a little bit lower to this point or on the right side of the kahil, Allah knows the best.

Abdul Razzaq narrated that, “A Jewish woman brought to prophet Muhammadﷺ a roasted that she had poisoned, while he was in khyber, our beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ asked, what is this, she said, a gift, being careful not to say that it was from the charity so that he would not eat it. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and sahaba (his companions) ate from the sheep, then our prophet Muhammad ﷺ said,” stop eating”. He said to the women,’ Did you poison this sheep? she said,” who told you that”? He said, this bone, meaning the ewe’s leg that he had in his hand. She said, “Yes”. He said, “Why”? She said I thought that if you were a liar, the people would be relieved from you. However, if you were a true prophet, it would not harm you. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ then used hijama (cupping) thrice on the kahil (upper part of his back ) and commanded that his companions do the same. Yet, several of them died.”

Narrated by ibn Majah, on the authority of Ali(RA) that angel Jibreel advised prophet Muhammad ﷺ for hijama at Akhda’ain (posterior jugulars) and KAHIL (upper back ~between the shoulder).

Reported by abu kabsha al anmari (RA) that prophet Muhammad ﷺ took hijama on Haamah & between the shoulder (which is KAHIL). Narrated by Abu Dawood & ibn-Majah.

Reported by Abdullah bin bujainah (RA) that prophet Muhammad ﷺ took hijama on the centre of his head (yafookh) and he was in Ehraam while his journey to Makkah (Name of the place where they stopped is mentioned as lahyi jamal) “used hijama (wet cupping) on the qamahduwah (above the nape cavity), for it cures seventy-two kinds of ailments.”(Narrated by Tabraani)

Abu Dawood narrated that Jabir (RA) said that prophet Muhammad ﷺ used hijama (wet cupping) on his hip because of debilitation he suffered from.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also took hijama on the hip & top of his foot, which explains that hijama at the painful area is also recommended by tibbenabavi.

As reported by Anas (RA) (while in Ehraam), Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took hijama on the top of his foot due to the pain in that area.
Narrated by Abu Dawood.

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