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Does Cupping (Hijama) really work?

  • Hijama increases the blood flow by expanding blood vessels with the negative pressure created through a suction pump and cup.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Oxygenates the area.
  • Boosts immunity by activating the lymphatic system.
  • Hematological investigations were done on 40 blood samples taken from normal, healthy individuals (20 paired samples of Hijama blood and venous blood of each subject). Analysis of the data showed significant differences in many of the hematological factors between the cupped blood and venous blood, with cupped blood having higher levels of impurities and toxins. [Z.V.M.Unani Medical College & Hospital, Pune, India 2015 by Dr. Ghazala Mulla]
  • A study comparing cupped blood samples with venous samples showed how cupped blood had much higher levels of negative substances such as uric acid, compared to venous blood. This proves that Hijama draws out toxins successfully. [By Mohammad Reza Vaez Mahdavi, Tooba Ghazanfari, Marjan Aghajani, Farideh Danyali and Mohsen Naseri Shahed University, Faculty of Medicine, Islamic Republic of Iran]

For most people cupping therapy is a really great experience. There are countless health benefits of cupping. Also, it can be a very relaxing and relieving experience.

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